About us

Who we are

Established in the year 2004, Jomon Constructions & Contractors is one of the most successful companies in the region’s infrastructure and construction scenario. Our professional contracting services include all-round solutions for the construction of Commercial Buildings, Flats, Villas, Hospitals, Bus Stands, Water Treatment Plants, Bridges and much more.

For over a decade, we have been providing our clients with smart and time bound solutions for all their complex construction challenges. Today, we are recognized as one of the most reliable players in the industry for our strength in both traditional and state - of- the- art construction methods.

Our practical and creative approach in imbibing cutting-edge technologies and delivery systems in all our projects has earned an unchallenged position for us in this challenging sector.Individuals, institutions, corporates, government establishments, and of course other construction companies who need the most trustworthy partner to ensure the very best services consistently, rely on our impeccable reputation of over 16 years, to realize their dream projects.

Renowned for our innovative project management techniques and knowledge -driven solutions for all existing and emerging challenges, we have resourceful experience and specialized teams for the construction of educational institution buildings, health care and industrial buildings, telecommunications and data centers, as well as infrastructure projects like water and wastewater treatment plants. Whether its restoration, site preparation, a new facility or facility renovation, we provide the highest quality construction, and that too right on schedule, and right within the budget.

Yes, from project inception to commissioning, count on our expertise to ensure it for you, each and every time for each and every project!

Vision & Mission


Grow steadily to become one of the most sought-after construction companies in the whole of India, for our technical excellence and uncompromising track record; and to conduct our business fairly and honestly, with utmost consideration to the long-term needs of all our stakeholders - clients, employees, subcontractors, suppliers and service providers.


Successfully meet modern-day construction challenges across various sectors including large scale infrastructure, residential and institutional projects; ensuring the successful completion of each and every project undertaken, right within the promised delivery time.

Our Team


From the hardworking people in our work sites to the people behind the scenes, our greatest asset is  our qualified and experienced workforce. And, yes they are not just about hard work but also about ‘smart work’, reflecting their regularly updated and fine-tuned skill sets, across all sectors.

The management places great emphasis on the training and development of its workforce, through its in-house mentorship and skill development schemes. The needs of the staff are identified and appropriate training programmes are designed and implemented at site level, ensuring their individual growth, skill development, and performance as part of a resourceful team.

Proactive in finding the smartest solutions each time, Jomon Constructions place great emphasis on attracting and retaining highly-skilled manpower, and follows a consultative process with its employees at all levels. This ensures the most ideal work environment where each and every individual and department works in perfect harmony.

Our Team Leader


Jomon Varghese’s career began three decades ago as a site manager for a medium level construction company based in Cochin. Within a short span of time, banking on his technical knowledge and his smart and realistic strategies, in various construction projects, he worked his way up the ranks to hold the Operations Manager position for two major construction companies in the region. He founded Jomon Constructions in the year 2004 and is currently the Managing Partner of the company. Contributing his vast experience to the day to day operations and strategic moves of the company, he has been instrumental in the development and growth of the company ever since.



Jomon Constructions strictly monitor construction sites on a daily basis and enforce compliance with government regulations, acts and standards. This includes occupational safety, health regulations, construction safety, risk management techniques, and of course good environmental practices.

An extensive and integrated safety programme that responds to evolving industry needs and standards is our specialty. Moreover, we set and review our own health and safety guidelines and conducts regular safety audits.